Breithaupt Brothers Songbook$30

When Louis Breithaupt moved his hide and leather business to Berlin in the 1800’s and went on to become Mayor and known as the “First Citizen of Berlin”, how could he have known that two of his great-great-grandchildren, Don Breithaupt (L.A.) and Jeff Breithaupt (N.Y.C.) would team up to write songs sung by some of Canada’s greatest contemporary singers such as Diana Krall, Sarah Slean, Paul Shaffer, Ron Sexsmith and many others. The Breithaupt Brothers “come home to Kitchener” to showcase their songs with some of this region’s great local musicians: The New Vibes Jazz Quintet and a fabulous cast of local vocalists.

This project brings the critically acclaimed Breithaupt Brothers Shows of New York and Toronto to the growing cultural hotbed city of Kitchener.

The Breithaupt Brothers Songbook Project has a beautiful arching story of industrious work, cultural and artistic heritage, community engagement and one family’s great historical contribution to this city that would be wonderful to explore and share with the Waterloo region. Augmenting the 2017 spring concert at the Registry Theatre featuring many of the region’s finest jazz musicians, it would be a thrill to add the Penderecki String Quartet with arrangements by Don Breithaupt. A Cultural Heritage documentary could explore the story of the Breithaupts in this region, from the early leather days, through the halls of municipal, provincial and federal politics and right to modern days with Google moving into the Breithaupt Block at the corner of King and Wellington streets. Contact Andy to learn more about getting involved or helping out.

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